Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Turning 40

2008 is the year I turned 40. It really didn't bother me. Well...after a few weeks, it didn't.

September 30, I stepped over a dog gate on our stairs, with a loaded basket of laundry....and fell. About 2 feet...on my outstretched arm....at an angle. Ouch!!

I had broken my humerus, up in my shoulder ball. Again, OUCH! But about 2 1/2 hours later, I was back on the couch, tucked in for the evening. Urgent care rules!!

Less than a week later, the big 40 came! I couldn't straighten my hair as I couldn't lift or straighten my arm. So my friends Jenny and Stacia took me to get my hair done before my big Fondue Birthday Celebration. As I'm sitting there in the chair, wearing my white restrictive device (I know it has a name...but I can't remember it), my frumpy clothes (as that is about all I can get on by myself), drinking my Dr Pepper... I felt OLD!!! And then ...a new me emerged from the chair!! I needed that!!! Good friends and Fondue!!

Now....weeks later....40 doesn't seem nearly as bad! Since I've turned 40, I'm okay with:

  • Going to town with no make-up on...and it's okay
  • Being thrilled to be at home with a good book
  • Being happy to go to bed by 9 pm
  • Enjoying an SUV much more than a sports car
  • Telling people what you really think
  • Not caring whether people appreciate what you think

Of course....these things can be enjoyed at any age....but once you're 40....it's like you've fallen over the hill....so people expect much less out of you! :-)

Oh and...."I've got a broken arm" is a good phrase to get you out of LOTS of stuff!!

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