Monday, October 03, 2016

Meet Lilly

Our sweet little Hurricane Lilly Brown (Lilly) came to live with us in August of 2011.  We did NOT need another dog.  But oh my...that sweet little brown dog featured on my screen...she was so precious.  Standing on a deck, licking her sweet little lips!  We did NOT need another dog.  So, I contacted my friend who posted her and asked about her story!  She was headed to a rescue in Minnesota.  (Rescues are THE BOMB).  We did NOT need another dog.  So we asked to foster her.  We didn't hear from Sherry so we agreed that was probably the best.  But we both wanted her!  So we messaged Sherry again.  She hadn't seen our first one! Imagine what would have happened if we hadn't had that discussion at Fazoli's and decided we DID need another dog!  

So we agree to meet her on Sunday and see how things go!  We arrived at Sherry's to see that little brown dog running all over the yard like a little hurricane, so she immediately fit into our family name!  We picked her up...and within moments, we knew she was HOME!  

She and Lucy didn't meet each other with the loving anticipation we hoped for.  Lucy couldn't believe we'd brought a dog into her peaceful world.  Lilly was very excited to have an older sister to teach her all the ways of our home. 

After hours separated by a pet crate, we slowly introduced them to life together.  Lucy tired quickly of the little furball that continually squeaked her stuffed animals, even going so far as to dismantle the stuffed creatures.  

Slowly, as the days wore on, Lucy came to tolerate Lilly, while Lilly continues to love and adore Lucy, until she's mad!  Then, you'd better watch out!  That little brown hurricane can puff up like a 80 pound dog!

We've told her often she wouldn't have made it in Minnesota.  And we are so thankful we gave her a chance to remain a Missouri girl!