Wednesday, August 29, 2012

I'm Baaaaaaaack!

Why did I always think a blog had to be perfect writing with a positive spin?   Can't a blog be my thoughts, parts and pieces?  Can't a blog be heavy on dark days and light and fun on other days?  I've read tons of blogs, I guess I thought maybe I didn't have anything to say that anyone would be interested in reading about.  Maybe I still don't....but after reading an entire blog this week, from start to finish, I've decided I've got a lot to say and I guess I don't care if anyone reads it.  

So here goes....

My heart is heavy tonight for a little boy named Landan who died today.  I'd never heard of him until two weeks.  I was getting ready for L's football game and heard Landan's story on the news.  It. Broke. My. Heart.  I was literally sobbing at this precious little 3 year old boy that I'd never met, never heard of before that moment, that was battling brain cancer.  He'd taken a Make-A-Wish trip to Toys R Us to buy Legos and was telling his mommy in his sweet little boy voice that he loved her.  That is when I lost it......She knows he's dying and soon she won't hear that voice anymore, except in her mind, on recordings, in her dreams.  She won't hear that boy as a teenager, or an adult.   She's watching her baby boy slowly fade.  And I'm worried about insurance.  And paperwork I need to do.    A friend once said if money can fix your problems, you don't have problems.