Sunday, October 15, 2006

Meet Picasso

Picasso came to us in 2002. A neighbor had stopped by asking if I'd seen her cats. I didn't see the ones she was looking for, but a few days later, noticed a different cat hanging out around the outside of our house. We started calling her KitKat and feeding her. She was still fairly wary of us. I remembered Anne looking for the cats, so called her. Sure enough, Picasso (her REAL name!) belonged to her. She came to get her, but three weeks later...she was back to stay. Anne decided she was happy here...and we'd be good to she became OUR cat!!

She started out being our 'outdoor' cat. I've never been one to let animals roam, but she'd come from an outdoor thought she was happy with that life. One night she accidently got locked in the garage. She made NO messes, so we started letting her spend her nights indoors, in the garage. She had a nice bed to lay in, but preferred to lay in the lid of a trashcan on the shelves. So we moved her bedding there. :-) Soon, she started coming into the house now and then. She now spends all her time indoors, with her own special waterbed....and lots of love!

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